Service to the Profession 

2018-2020        Conference Planner, Religion and Theatre Focus Group; Association for                              Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)


2018-2019        President, Association for Theatre Research at Indiana University                                      (ART@IU) 


2017-2018        Co-Chair, Inclusion Committee; ASTR Graduate Student Caucus (GSC),                                American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR)


2017-2018        Graduate Student Representative, Religion and Theatre Focus Group;                                Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)


2017-2018        Vice President, Association for Theatre Research at Indiana University                              (ART@IU) 


2016-2017        Chair, Peer Mentorship/Networking Committee; ASTR Graduate Student                            Caucus (GSC), American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR)


2016-2017        Secretary-Historian/Representative to the Fundraising Committee,                                    ASTR Graduate Student Caucus (GSC); American Society for Theatre                                  Research (ASTR)


2016-2017        Secretary, Association for Theatre Research at Indiana University                                      (ART@IU)

Service to the University 

University Service


2018-2019        Graduate Student Representative, Search Committee for the Executive                              Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Indiana University 


2018-2019        Graduate Teaching Ambassador, Graduate and Professional Student                                  Government (GPSG); Indiana University 


2018-2019        Bloomington Faculty Council (BFC); Indiana University


2018-2019        Student Academic Appointee (SAA) Board of Review; Indiana University 


2018-2019        Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Indiana University 


2018-2019        Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ) Committee; Indiana University 


2018-2019        Parking Appeals Officer, Parking Citation Appeal Board of Review;                                      Indiana University 


2017-2018        Vice Chair, Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)                                    Diversity Committee; Indiana University


2013-2014        President, Student Activities Board (SAB); Messiah College


2013-2014        Chair, Social Concerns Committee; Messiah College Student Senate


2013-2014        Student Senator; Messiah College Student Senate 


Departmental Service


2018-2019        Programming (Play Selection) Committee; Department of Theatre,                                      Drama, and Contemporary Dance, Indiana University 


2018-2019        Ph.D. Representative, Student Advisory Board (SAB); Department of                                    Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance, Indiana University 


2017-2018        Representative of the Department of Theatre, Drama, and                                                    Contemporary Dance; Graduate and Professional Student Government                             (GPSG), Indiana University 


2017-2018        Student Representative to the Faculty; Department of Theatre, Drama,                              and Contemporary Dance, Indiana University 


2012-2014        President, Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society (AYW);                                    Department of Theatre and Dance, Messiah College 


2012-2013        Season Selection Committee; Department of Theatre and Dance,                                        Messiah College

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